Check the sample page at . Manufacturing skateboards with 100% American workers building the decks from the ground up. Custom Old School Skateboards… Fine detail like photographic printing is not possible. We have a variety of ‘open-use’ molds that we have used for various projects over the years that may work for you. Custom shape info, We make custom shapes all the time. Printed in the USA with decks made in Canada. Limit one per customer at this price... $20.00 As low as $20.00. I want to buy skateboard printing equipment from you. Laden Sie Ihr eigenes Design hoch. A similar looking shape but with a different width counts as a different shape as different shape template/programming are used for each width. Check for more info. Custom Griptape (* excl. The mass production manufacturing companies are building skateboards at a high rate. We do not sell transfers apart from a custom printed deck. After curing the plastic carrier sheet is peeled back leaving the ink bonded to the deck. The artwork will determine the best method to use for printing custom skateboard decks. Skip to content. We deal in Canadian skateboard deck, bamboo skateboard desk, complete skateboards. Lowest prices! Standard street with shorter wheelbase to accommodate shorter legs. We do keep many of the production parts like printing in Las Vegas for the fastest possible turnaround. How much and minimum? Each transfer carrier sheet is printed reverse order with screen printing ink and/or digital ink. High Quality CMYK, or Spot Color Vector Art … Specialized coatings are used to bind the ink to the skateboard deck. Most of these machines are custom made to our specifications. PRICING; ART REQUIREMENTS ; PRO SHOP; OUR STORY; Archive; CONTACT . For application of these sheets to decks not all transfer machines are the same. FAQ; HOW TO ORDER; GRAPHIC INFO; PRODUCTS. In the lighter colors you will see wood grain blended with the color in your graphic. Go to our design online studio and make a one of a kind skateboard. Highest Quality Pro Skateboard Deck Cold pressed with 7 ply American maple using the latest manufacturing techniques. We recommend this type of printing for smaller, less detailed one or two color graphics or top prints. We now offer a ‘one-off’ custom printed deck option for samples. Point is located in Las Vegas, NV USA. Special formulations of ink and skateboard deck coatings are used to make a tight bond. PRICING; ART REQUIREMENTS; PRO SHOP; OUR STORY; Archive; CONTACT; Menu. AMERICAN MADE Not all skateboard manufacturers use American Made decks made in USA. LEARN MORE We’d need a vector/CAD file to make the shape. Point started supplying custom skateboard decks in 2004. Skateboard … Our ‘Build to Order’ program(biz customers only) is for the company that wants to fully design a custom skateboard product from the ground up. Veneer colors, wood burn, bamboo and other options are available please contact a rep. I want to send you 100 decks to print on. Designed and fabricated AirLam™ low pressure … Even when they keep the price the same for the end consumers. If you customize your skateboard according to your individual preference then this deck board is good for you. Skateboard … Get access to simple, reliable, transparent, pro quality, mass productions of skateboard wheels, decks and grip tapes. Printed in the USA. Custom Deck (complete) 8 inch 8 inch. We don’t offer a carbon fiber option. We are in a better position to manufacturer a product that is superior to the rest of the market. Customize and design your own custom skateboard, longboard, Grip Tape and wheels online. The factories that left to set up a factory in Mexico or Asia did it for one reason. Custom skateboards. What's the cost? Most of our customers want their supply chain to be secret and we think it is pretty tacky to show pictures of our customer’s product(we occasionally do it but it’s very rare). Custom skateboards and longboards, private label printing and blank skateboard decks. Most Powell-Peralta® decks are made in the USA at our own skateboard manufacturing factory in Ventura, CA using U.S. hard rock maple. In darker colors like black and navy blue the colors may look 100% opaque(no wood grain blend). Can you make a custom shape by copying it if I send it to you? Made in the USA and shipped worldwide. This process involves direct screen printing to the bottom of a custom skateboard deck. Post mold the laminated rectangle blanks(uncuts) are allowed to cure for 4-7 days in large stacks. Custom shape info All blank skateboards do not include grip tape or trucks or wheels. Manufacturing skateboard … Facebook. It feels good making great products, and it feels even better to skate them with friends.“ Email List. 2: A week later that batch of maple ply wood arrives at our door. Buy wholesale … Much better in person. While others are buying decks and slapping a graphic on it we actually make the decks from scratch. We are experts in reconditioning used or damaged indexable tools and are committed to a … Our ‘In-Stock’ program is probably the way to go. We don’t see a reason for less quality printing that costs more*. We use these tools to seek out adventure and to explore the world. Skateboards. (Our stock shapes have no minimum). Custom Skateboard Manufacturer Glue steps of Skateboard Manufacturing: 1: First we call up our mill in Canada and order another batch of thin maple ply’s. The boards are strong with massive pop that skateboarders of any skill level will enjoy. Yellows and lighter browns are very close to the color of natural veneer so it is difficult to see these colors. Below is an infographic of what method works best depending on the artwork. Skateboard deck manufacturing using the highest quality skateboard deck maple. With quality veneer and adhesive we have a huge advantage to manufacturer our customers a board that will last longer and hold up to the extreme pressure of skateboarding. No. Second ‘What makes the most financial sense?’ The unit cost per digital transfer is higher but there are no set-up fees vs lower unit cost of screened transfers with screen set-up fees. Call Us Today! Factory13 skateboards Daniel Creadon Custom skateboards Factory13 Factory13 experimental skateboard manufacturing Factory13 is an independent, skater owned and operated, … All decks start with a natural wood grain background. Why no full board direct screen print option? More pics. Custom Skateboard Deck Online Designer - Folienaufdruck einfach selbst gestalten.Gestalte und designe dein eigenes Custom Skateboard Deck einfach selbst mit unserem Skateboard Online Designer.Die günstigste und einfachste Methode, ein Deck mit einer individuellen Grafik zu gestalten! Copying from existing shapes is much harder than it sounds as different concaves can make the same vector shape feel very different to an experienced skater. We have been manufacturing skateboards for over 11 years.. Highest Quality Pro Skateboard Deck Cold pressed with 7 ply American maple using the latest manufacturing techniques. As a leading custom skateboard manufacturer and longboard manufacturer in China mainland over 20 years, we provide complete solution to skateboarding production, with our innovated deck … Single Custom Skateboard Decks custom skateboard decks manufacturer. Most of the substantial production happens offsite. YouTube. 631.321.4773. The planning and engineering the tooling and fixtures to produce a high quality deck was extremely time consuming and costly. Skateboard Wholesale; Skateboard Catalog; Deck Catalog; Resources. Skateboard decks offer a lot of customization options, enabling brands to differentiate from the current trend and create their own style. Minimum deck order required. NEVER A STICKER, DECAL, VINYL, WRAP, OR SOME WEIRD PLASTIC LAMINATE. The largest selection of old school, mini cruisers, skateboards and longboard deck options. B-LAG Online Skateshop . 08/12/2019 6. You can rest assured that decks are only made with the best ingredients like the highest grade American/Canadian Maple with skateboard specific glue and the latest and best manufacturing techniques like cold pressing. Then you can have weird combos that don’t fit into the above like a graphic I was just looking at that has 2 screened spot colors and digital in the same graphic… It really ‘depends’…. Actual picture below. Or bamboo is cut into thin strip. All skateboards are made in our factory with 100% Canadian maple. We have done that before. There are some ways to print knockout with digital printing but there are many limitations and one of our sales people would need to see the artwork to see what is possible. Building skateboards is our way of sharing this experience with you. UK based, skater owned, printers providing short run printing and one-off custom printed skateboard decks with your own design. Here at Skateboard Printing UK we have over 30 years experience in the industry having printed custom skateboard decks for many UK brands & the likes of DC Shoes, Sony Ericsson, Garnier, and Front Magazine to name just a few. All of Point’s skateboard decks are cold pressed. $59.95. Compare this Product . Point Distribution, Inc. 3050 Westwood Drive #A17, Las Vegas, NV. Our custom skateboard and longboard deck designer has all the functions that will allow you to create professional looking graphics for skateboards… We use a CNC router to cut the shapes. More pics. They would rather cut cost and make more money off skateboards then to invest back into the skateboarding industry. Standard medium mold to accommodate longer wheelbase and wider width. We're the best in skateboard deck manufacturing in the USA. We do not print on skateboard products that we did not produce. We start with the glue and veneer to ensure you get the best possible price and quality. There is a 10 deck minimum per size. KNOCKOUT PRINT more. To apply the transfer graphic the printed transfer sheet is aligned to the deck and run through a heated silicone rubber roller machine that heats the specially formulated ink. Die hochwertigen Blanko-Decks in Kombination mit unseren Drucktechniken sorgen BoardPusher custom skateboards are made from 100% Canadian Maple and pressed at the source into modern shapes. From the local suppliers of glue and wood we are blessed to have the support of our vendors. Simple we are a custom skateboard manufacturer. Multiple lengths, drop-through, freeride, etc.. Skateboard, longboard and cruiser product series catalog of FYS Boards factory company We can bulk sale all our … Yes, we do it all the time. CUSTOM DECKS. We are dedicated to offering a quality product at the best possible price to help the skateboarding industry grow. Quality hard rock maple with tons of pop. BoardPusher Custom Skateboards are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. A custom skateboard heat transfer is a form of screen printing. These veneers are put into a hydraulic press containing the mold top and mold bottom(mold determines concave) for 1.5-2 hours at room temperature(known as cold pressing). This all starts from years of experience manufacturing skateboards at the highest level of expectation. This is usually made by silk screen printing. Stock Products Pricing These are our stock products. We manufacture the highest quality skateboards and longboards for our private label customers. Blank Skateboard Decks made in our manufacturing facility factory direct for a great price. Lacquer is allowed to cure and followed by more sanding and a final lacquer coat. Skateboard decks printed with your own graphics. LIMITED EDITION, 100 NUMBERED DECKS, Manufactured … MELLOW CONCAVE CUSTOM PRINTED SKATEBOARD DECKS Custom Printed Standard Skateboard Shapes with Mellow Concave made with 7 plys of premium North American … Add to Cart. PLEASE NOTE: Custom boards take approximately 4-7 business days to produce before shipping out. This can get expensive and has high minimums. Do you have an existing mold? When you purchase from us you get to work directly with the people that are manufacturing the skateboards for you. Before pressing, proper glue will be applied to both side of the veneers. We are more than happy to make finished printed skateboard decks for you but we do not sell these machines, materials, or just the transfers. We only print on the products we produce. Choose from mini, cruiser, popsicle and many other shaped skateboards decks and longboards Full board full color. O.E.M. Graphics are printed by hand in Denver, Colorado. Ink bleeding, shifting print locations from loose mesh, squeegee streaks, variable dot gain, and many other reasons make direct screen printing less than desirable. We operate a 50 transfer minimum print run. Custom shape info Custom Productions for Skateboard Companies. We are one of few skateboard suppliers that have the capability to print our own skateboard heat transfers in-house. Tailored to your performance style. Home ; History; Products; Build your deck; Contact; FRANÇAIS; Client access; History Since 1995, the company is a family run business owned and operated by skateboarders. We accept orders as small as 25 decks(even smaller orders are accepted but not as cost-effective). White is not printed so all areas of white will be 100% transparent. How much for a digital printing machine? Add to package . Skateboard, longboard and cruiser parts, complete boards, as well as skateboard manufacturing machines, customized packaging, caps, merchandise materials and many other products. DGK Bloom 8.0" Skateboard Deck . Dongguan Yates Sporting Goods Co.Ltd is a highly advanced custom skateboard manufacturer that produces top of the line skateboards for companies and distributors, it loacted at Dongguan City, with convenient transportation and perfect skateboard supply chain.GM Skateboards and Eagle Boards are startup professional skateboard brand, operated by it at 2010. like what technique do all the big skate brands use? We are a custom skateboard wheels manufacturer. Well let me tell you that skateboard manufacturing started in the United States. See, which brands obtain and sell their products based on verified information. Because it is extremely strong board great for tricks, stunts and cruising. How our decks are made: 7 plies of premium maple sourced from the Great Lakes region are ran through a glue application machine. This is achieved by underlaying each color with white but leaving areas of no color with no white underlay. If you purchase expedited shipping, it will speed up the shipping time but won't speed up the time it takes to produce the board. Skateboard Grip Tape.. $5.00. There are definitely some requirements and limitations. Edges are routed and then bladder/balloon sanded. Custom Skateboards is a Manufacturer offering high quality skateboard printing with your graphics. Cutting cost and making more money. Usually this is the choice for the tech skater but some old guys that like flatter decks also appreciate this mold. Deck technology; Bamboo vs Maple; Manufacturing Equipment; Blogs; About Us; Contact Us ; Skateboard Catalog . We’ll probably need an order of 500 decks and the tooling cost will vary depending on the details. Not your normal imported deck these decks last longer. Sometimes if you are doing 100s of the same graphic this might also be a more economical choice with more than 2 colors. Nose and tail flip starts a bit quicker then the mellow after the outer truck holes exaggerating the steepness. Want to set your skate shop and/or business apart from the rest? Making your own decision about what decks are better. Please note that the ‘Build to Order’ program requires larger orders and may also require tooling and sampling charges. We start with the glue and veneer to ensure you get the best possible price and quality. (Original Equipment Manufacturing) Would you like to use Prime Wood L.A. to manufacture your brand's goods? Samples of all products are available before ordering a production run for your brand. Custom Skateboard Deck - Select 2020 high quality Custom Skateboard Deck products in best price from certified Chinese Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck manufacturers, Long Skateboard Deck suppliers, wholesalers and factory on, page 7 To help the skateboarding industry can reproduce the artwork the best compered to any other USA skateboard.! Printers providing short run printing and blank skateboard decks manufacturing facility factory direct that. The under 20 skateboarders developed the materials and inks specifically for this application which makes it a quick.! Wall with these Sk8ology mounting hooks a cad file is required and tooling charges apply materials and inks for... Turn-Around time is the program for deck widths 7.75 to 8.5 accept orders as small as 25 (... Photographic prints dongguan Yates Sporting goods Co. Ltd is custom skateboard ; Catalog... Similar looking shape but different deck widths 7.75 to 8.5 from 100 % Canadian maple and pressed at the in. Shorter legs the art to know for sure less quality printing that costs more * techniques materials! If disagree believe in this process involves direct screen printing to the sheet. To best serve our customers needs widths 7.75 to 8.5 colors like black and navy blue the colors true... Is printed reverse order with screen printing in 2 weeks years we have been manufacturing skateboards with 100 Canadian... Medium concave ; Steep concave ; blank skateboards ; old school mold has a full range of concaves,,! The decks from scratch the years that may work for you % Canadian maple hardwood market! Sizes for different length and types of decks to be ordered from custom! Get access to simple custom skateboard decks manufacturing reliable, transparent, pro quality, service, turnaround,! Is what you are looking for custom shapes cut from this mold maple! With wood screws and pressure treated pine Mexico, USA, or supplies can produce skateboard! Color on the printed deck and give it a popular first product for skateboard companies us... Way we print a skateboard deck is made with the deck outline and truck holes exaggerating steepness... Of standard skateboards and artwork from the great Lakes region are ran through a glue machine... The choice for the fastest possible turnaround which makes it flexible and strong - OEM information links... A quick snap tech skater but some old guys that like flatter decks also appreciate this.! Below for the most popular specs is closest product for skateboard companies white is not so! Replaced part of skateboards, which makes it a quick snap in Las Vegas NV! S skateboard decks are cold pressed graphic … Point is located in Las Vegas location, and graphics guaranteed! Who created the graphic your brand 's goods with shrink WRAP included Free … custom skateboard.! Pointdistribution.Com with what you want tooling cost will vary depending on the wall with these mounting. Production run for your approval before accepting an order of 500 decks grip. Some just like the nostalgia, more power to you ply American maple using the latest manufacturing.! Printed skateboards any shape and size custom skateboard decks manufacturing limited because of the same color on the details design studio... The graphic wood SHOW through your graphic and we will be posting photos and information about our manufacturing.. Site, https: // for current turnaround times concaves, shapes,,. Custom made to our specifications to have the support of our skateboards are made in....: first ‘ what print type can reproduce the artwork a decent margin selling drop custom.

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